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(Vienna, 29.VI.2001)

Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Croatia, the Republic of Macedonia, the Republic of Slovenia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, being in sovereign equality the five successor States to the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia,
Mindful of the need, in the interests of all successor States and their citizens and in the interests of stability in the region and their mutual good relations, to resolve questions of State succession arising upon the break-up of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia,
Having held discussions and negotiations under the auspices of the International Conference on Former Yugoslavia and the High Representative with a view to identifying and determining the equitable distribution amongst themselves of rights, obligations, assets and liabilities of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia,
Acting within the framework of the mandate given to the High Representative by the Decision of the Peace Implementation Conference held in London, 8 - 9 December 1995, and in the light of agreements between the successor States and the Declarations adopted by the Peace Implementation Council and its Steering Board,
Bearing in mind the acknowledgement by the Security Council in its Resolution 1022 (1995) of the desirability of a consensual solution to outstanding succession issues,
Confirming the decision reached on 10 April 2001 concerning the distribution of the former SFRY's assets held at the Bank for International Settlements (the text of which decision is appended to this Agreement),
Demonstrating their readiness to co-operate in resolving outstanding succession issues in accordance with international law,
Have agreed as follows:

Article 1

For the purposes of this Agreement "SFRY" means the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Article 2

Each successor State acknowledges the principle that it must at all times take the necessary measures to prevent loss, damage or destruction to State archives, State property and assets of the SFRY in which, in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, one or more of the other successor States have an interest.

Article 3

The Annexes listed below set out the terms on which the subject matter of each Annex is settled:
Annex A: Movable and immovable property;
Annex B: Diplomatic and consular properties;
Annex C: Financial assets and liabilities
(other than those dealt with in the Appendix to this Agreement);
Annex D: Archives;
Annex E: Pensions;
Annex F: Other rights, interests, and liabilities;
Annex G: Private property and acquired rights.

Article 4

(1) A Standing Joint Committee of senior representatives of each successor State, who may be assisted by experts, is hereby established.
(2) This Committee shall have as its principal tasks the monitoring of the effective implementation of this Agreement and serving as a forum in which issues arising in the course of its implementation may be discussed. The Committee may as necessary make appropriate recommendations to the Governments of the successor States.
(3) The first formal meeting of the Standing Joint Committee shall be convened, at the initiative of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, within two months of the entry into force of this Agreement. The Committee may meet informally, and on a provisional basis, at any times convenient to the successor States after the signature of this Agreement.
(4) The Committee shall establish its own rules of procedure.

Article 5

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